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Microsoft acquires cloud file-migration specialist Mover

lunes, 21 octubre 2019 11:55:00 Microsoft is adding a new file-migration tool to its list by acquiring Canadian cloud file-migration vendor Mover.

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NordVPN confirms data center breach

lunes, 21 octubre 2019 11:00:00 The company said an attacker gained access to a server at a data center in Finland by exploiting an insecure remote management system left by the data center provider.

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Windows 10 security: Microsoft reveals 'Secured-core' to block firmware attacks

lunes, 21 octubre 2019 10:16:00 The new layer of security is for high-end PCs and the first Windows 10 'Secured-core' PC is the Arm-powered Surface Pro X.

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Oracle: What is customer experience (and why you should care)

lunes, 21 octubre 2019 09:16:43 Oracle's top marketing leader for customer experience explains why this topic is important, the challenges in making customers happy, and what you can do about it.

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Orioco dual bay hard drive enclosure hands on: Better than a USB drive for storage access or cloning

lunes, 21 octubre 2019 09:09:00 The Orioco 6239U3 hard drive dock has fast data transfer speeds and offline cloning in an attractive transparent enclosure

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First look: Surface Pro 7 follows a familiar path

lunes, 21 octubre 2019 08:24:00 The latest entry to the Surface Pro family looks just like its predecessors, except for the addition of a single USB Type-C port. Ice Lake CPUs also add improved power management, but otherwise, this device offers little to win new fans.

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Opposition grows as Brazil advances single citizen database plans

lunes, 21 octubre 2019 08:19:16 A new bill aims to reverse the president's decision to centralize and share personal data across the public sector.

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HP EliteBook 830 G6 review: Compact and solid, with good security and battery life

lunes, 21 octubre 2019 08:04:00 HP's 13.3-inch 2-in-1 convertible offers military-grade robustness, good features and business-class security. Drawbacks include limited viewing angles and moderate audio quality.

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Pixel 4 XL first impressions: The camera shines once again, but battery life hasn’t been great

lunes, 21 octubre 2019 08:00:00 On paper, Google’s Pixel 4 XL looks promising. Here are some early thoughts after using it for a few days.

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Open database leaked 179GB in customer, US government, and military records

lunes, 21 octubre 2019 07:59:00 The US Department of Homeland Security has become embroiled in the leak.

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Programming languages: How Instagram's taming a multimillion-line Python monster

lunes, 21 octubre 2019 07:09:41 Instagram proposes "strict modules" to help manage massive and fast-moving Python projects.

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CRM Watchlist Winners 2019: Once Again, Pegasystems

lunes, 21 octubre 2019 07:00:05 Pegasystems won CRM Watchlist 2019 on the strength of their narrative, product and their impact due to both. What else do you need to know? Lots. So read on and find out what I have to say about them.

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Drones that weave through workers in factories

lunes, 21 octubre 2019 06:00:08 Humans and robots are already interacting in factories. What happens when those robots fly?

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Windows 10 1909 and 1903: These are our new CPU requirements, says Microsoft

lunes, 21 octubre 2019 05:46:00 The 1909, 1903 updates require Snapdragon 855, 8cx, and Intel Comet Lake CPUs as a minimum on new devices.

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Russian APT Turla targets 35 countries on the back of Iranian infrastructure

lunes, 21 octubre 2019 05:19:11 The state-backed group’s hacking activities are more widespread than previously thought.

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