Toyota, Denso work to promote coronavirus treatment development - Roadshow

jueves, 09 abril 2020 11:30:15 Denso, which Toyota still holds a stake in, will support Canadian research into treatments.

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And lo, Mini blesses its cars with manual transmissions once again - Roadshow

jueves, 09 abril 2020 11:19:55 Well, not all of its cars, but most of 'em, anyway.

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Sorry folks, we're not getting new emoji in 2021 - CNET

jueves, 09 abril 2020 11:13:46 The Unicode Consortium is delaying new emoji in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Free entertainment to help you survive coronavirus social distancing - CNET

jueves, 09 abril 2020 11:13:00 HBO, Marvel comics, Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition and lots more, including movies, books, guitar lessons and exercise classes.

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Disney Plus: Everything about Disney's streaming service during coronavirus - CNET

jueves, 09 abril 2020 10:56:00 Disney Plus is streaming big-budget movies early and will stream at least one film that skips theaters entirely because of the coronavirus.

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Broadcasters buy in to air Torque Esports virtual race series - Roadshow

jueves, 09 abril 2020 10:54:54 A total of 60 broadcasters worldwide will air the Torque Esports series, which includes two championships.

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A $60 digital air fryer large enough to fit all those wings, snacks and more - CNET

jueves, 09 abril 2020 10:48:00 That's 50% off the sticker price for today only.

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McLaren thinks synthetic fuel could save the engine as we know it - Roadshow

jueves, 09 abril 2020 10:23:32 The technology could be a battery-electric alternative and still reduce emissions when taking battery production into account.

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Staub, Le Creuset and All-Clad cookware are down as much as 55% - CNET

jueves, 09 abril 2020 10:14:00 Our top picks from the Sur La Table spring cookware sale.

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These print-at-home escape room kits are the discounted distraction we need right now - CNET

jueves, 09 abril 2020 10:07:00 Save 50% when you buy two kits: One for teens, one for adults. Plus, a $10 Qi charging pad with USB ports and $20 Apple Pencil alternative.

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Coronavirus app from Apple and Stanford aims at first responders - CNET

jueves, 09 abril 2020 09:43:00 The app includes a screening tool as well as information from Stanford physicians and scientists.

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TikTok pledges $250 million in COVID-19 aid - CNET

jueves, 09 abril 2020 09:13:00 The social media platform says the money will support front line workers.

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The Simpsons special short drops on Disney Plus tomorrow - CNET

jueves, 09 abril 2020 08:45:00 Maggie Simpson encounters fate at the playground.

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OnePlus CEO teases ultrawide camera on OnePlus 8 Pro - CNET

jueves, 09 abril 2020 08:42:00 The OnePlus 8 Pro is set to be revealed on April 14.

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The best 2020 iPad deals: The new 12.9-inch Pro is $53 off at Amazon - CNET

jueves, 09 abril 2020 08:32:00 But the bigger discounts are becoming increasingly rare.

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